Who’da Guessed You Could Make Picture Frames From Old Fence Panels

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Rework aged picket fencing panels into beautiful photo structures for a nation, French country or simply rustic design room. Old wooden pickets have a particular appeal with all the rough texture of theirs plus sometimes peeling paint. Even whenever shabby chic decorating isn’t the particular preference of yours, you are able to nevertheless make use of the wood from outdated fencing panels making picture frames. A few decorative touches are going to make the current wood pieces appear new plus fresh.

Place on worker’s mitts as well as disassemble the pickets from a well used fence panel by reducing the screws used to attach the particular pickets on the frame. Hammer the trunk side of individual pickets individual from the frame to ease the nails just in case those’re used rather than screws. Get rid of nails with pliers.

Measure and cut 2 wood pickets the same as the preferred breadth of the photograph frame. Determine the breadth from the pickets and also multiply the amount simply by 2 .

Measure and cut two pickets the same as the preferred level of the particular photo frame, minus the doubled width of the pickets. For instance, just in case the single pickets are actually 2 fence panels photoinches wide and also the frame should be twelve inches high, cut 2 8 inch pickets to create the particular vertical sides on the frame. The vertical sides fit cleanse between the 2 horizontal (breadth) pickets, consequently you have to account of the breadth from the sections in the overall dimensions.

Run a bead of building adhesive within the edge of every conclusion of up and down (height) pickets. Press the side to side (width) sections at a 90 diploma angle on the vertical pickets to create the form of the frame. Protect the trunk on the seam with duct recording to keep it instead as the glue dries. Get rid of the duct recording after twenty four hours.

Gently sand the particular fence board frame to eliminate any kind of loose paint. Clean away the particular sanding trash having a damp towel.

Paint the frame utilizing polymer, spray or latex paint. Let the color to dry. (Omit painting like a pro the frame in case you choose a traditional look. )

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