What Furniture You Can Make From Trees, Branches And Twigs

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DIY Wooden Backyard Fence - HometalkDo you like natural materials, It’s great to have at home furniture which is made of wood, stones and other organic stuff. It’s even better if the materials is processed as little as possible plus keeps its original shape, odor and outlook. That’ why furnishings made of wooden trunk and divisions instead of planks and boards is really lovely and popular.

Do you want such furniture too, Here a few ideas what exactly you can have and how you may make it yourself:

Willow twig furnishings
There is an entire category of furnishings made of willow twigs. They are usually thin and easy for bending and extremely stable. Willow twigs are most often utilized to make comfortable and large traditional chairs and even beds. This kind of furniture is very suitable for outdoor utilization especially in warm summer. It won’t overheat and is very nice to touch.

There are many places where you can buy prepared willow furniture. But you can make this yourself too as twigs plus fallen branches are everywhere and they are relatively easy to work with.

If you discover a small thin trunk or a thicker tree branch you can use it to produce a lovely hanger. It doesn’t have to be smooth or straight. In truth small curvatures, knots and sticks can make it even better. You can improve such a hanger by attaching even more branches to it, metal parts as well as just few calks.

Branch hangers can be bough ready as well, even though usually the stores often replicas made of plastic or steel rather than hangers made of real woods branches.

Fences, doors and other outside furniture
Fences made of twigs may look very cute. In truth you can find some of those in the villages simply because they have been quite popular a century ago. They usually consist of long twigs inwrought in piles and sometimes linked with wire. Again willow is extremely popular for this but you can also discover fences made from bamboo branches. These are also called wattle fences.

If you want to build such a fence your self, you need to collect a lot of branches and be sure they will be inwrought closely to ensure balance. Thicker branches should be used for the particular vertical supports. Use bendable twigs and additionally branches – too old and dried out ones will pip when you attempt to interwine them.

Tables and seats
Tables and chairs are obviously most popular type of tree branch furnishings. Often the branches are used just for the back or the legs while the chair or the table surface are made of strong boards. Of course it’s also possible to associated with furniture entirely from branches, like a willow twig furniture. The seats made of thicker branches usually permit some distance between each of them in contrast to the typical twig furniture where the sticks are dense.

Outdoor benches are also very popular type of natural woods furniture. Sometimes the greatest benches could be made of wood trunks – reduce the trunk in the middle endlong in addition to the seat. Two shorter pieces positioned perpendicular and you have the legs. The other half of the trunk can be the back again (although you can choose a plank right here to keep the construction lighter).

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