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1:Bamboo Panels-Bamboo Wall Paneling-Bamboo Wall Ceiling Covering outdoor water resistant panel,u0026tropical Fence Patio structure on VimeoThere are lots of options when putting up a garden fence. Is the fence strictly to add beauty to your yard or are you trying to keep out wandering animals, One unique type of fencing is a bamboo garden fence. Bamboo garden fences are made in different designs and come in many sizes. They come premade as fence panels or you can create your own from rolled or split bamboo. Either way will produce outstanding results.

If you’re feeling creative and have some extra time you may want to build your own fence. There are a few things that can make it easier. When building a bamboo garden fence, it’s best to use pressure treated posts to sink into the ground. These have a longer life than cedar posts, so your bamboo fence will last a lot longer.

When it comes time to attach the bamboo, use a fine bladed hacksaw to make any necessary cuts on the bamboo canes. Other types of saws can cause splitting. When you cut a bamboo cane, always cut above the joint and at an angle, rather than straight across. That way the membrane can protect against water collecting.

When attaching the bamboo to the posts, use a drill to make a hole slightly bigger than the nail. This reduces the chance of the bamboo cracking or being crushed.

One important fact about bamboo is that it is a grass and not wood. Therefore it shouldn’t come into direct contact with the ground or it will deteriorate. You can avoid this from occurring by putting a piece of wood along the lower edge of your garden fence with the bamboo above it.

Bamboo fencing can easily last years when it’s built and cared for properly. Just like you need to treat a wooden fence with a preservative to keep it in good shape, a bamboo fence is no different. Use a preservative that has UV protection for best results. After a few years you may notice that the bamboo is changing color and even cracking, due to weather conditions and harsh sunlight. Wood fences are affected as well. Continuing to apply preservative regularly will help limit this damage.

You are making a good decision when you build a bamboo garden fence. Since bamboo is considered a renewable resource, by using bamboo rather than another material, you are helping the environment. And you will end up with a truly unique and beautiful fence around your garden.

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