The Easy Way to Remove Wooden Fence Posts Set in Concrete (No Digging Required!)

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This is gonna be an instructional video on how to remove a fence post that is in concrete. So, this fence post here is in about two feet of concrete. And, I want to remove it, but I don’t want to spend thirty minutes to an hour digging two feet deep to get this out and then, somehow, pulling it out at that point. Instead, I’m gonna use what’s called a farm jack to lift it up and out. Well, the farm jack has the lift here, but we’ve got to be able to connect the lift to the post somehow. And, in order to do that, I’ve built a jig here. This jig has two holes in it…1/2″ holes, and I’m gonna connect the jig to the fence post. Then, I’ll have the jack pull it…pull up on the jig.

So, it’ll pull it up and out. Very easy, much easier than digging. And, so, really that’s all you need, along with a drill and a 1/2″ or 5/8″ bit…along with your, uh, your bolts—lag bolts with your hex nut and washer. I’m using 8″x1/2″ bolts here, so it’ll go through my jig, and it’ll go through the post. So, you may or may not need this other part, but I do. Because my concrete comes out eight to twelve inches outside of the post, I’m actually having to relocate where I place the jack, out and up from the post, so it gives room for the concrete to come up and out with the post. So, I’m placing these out…far enough out, so the concrete doesn’t come up and stop there. Then, I’ve got two 2×6’s that I’ve stacked for support that I’ll put right here. And, this is where my jack will be…will sit. So, I want to place my jig up high enough, probably about six inches above my base, so that I can get my jack under it.

So, I’m gonna go ahead and place my jig here, and I’ll go ahead and start a hole here…and finish the hole. Now, I’ll go ahead and connect…install my jig…oops…put the washer on the other side. Put a washer on the back, if I can hold on to it, and your hex nut. And, just hand tighten it. It doesn’t have to be real tight. And, then, we know where to make this hole now. Finish that hole off. I’m done with the drill. Now, I just need to put this bolt through, washer on the back, hex nut on the back, hand tighten it. Now, I’m ready for the jack. I’ve gotta lower the jack down, so I can get it under here. I hope I did it low enough, and I did. So, without further ado, here we go. We’re gonna jack this thing up. This is very easy. You can watch, if you’ll put the camera down there, you can watch that come up…over here.

From over there. You can watch it coming up out of the ground. In this case, it looks like the concrete broke apart down in there, which is fine. We got a majority of it. Look at how easy that was. No digging required. I can keep going up if I want. And, then, uh, what I’ll do is I’ll just drop it over here towards you. Watch out there. You’re okay there. There we go. Drop that out. I’ll move this over here out of the way. And, as you can see, there we go. Out of the ground. Easy enough. Take your jig off, go to the next one. Hope you enjoyed the video. Like it, comment below if you have any questions. By the way, I’ll tell you now, because somebody will ask, I got the farm jack at Harbor Freight.

It was on sale for $ from, I think, $59.99, and then I used a 20% off coupon, so it ended up being below…under $45. So, that’s that. Enjoy your projects. Have a good day..

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