I Have Become A Master Of Cheap Fence Building, Learn From My Journey

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Save Your Lawn! How to Build a Flushable Dog Run: The Doggie John :: HometalkBuilding the fence can be very expensive, but I’ve learned where to cut costs and how to recycling materials so let me share exactly what I have learned. I’m not going to experience all of the details of fence building, yet just how I saved some money carrying it out. Obviously you need some carpentry abilities and tools to pull this away from, and I always urge individuals to use caution when using recycled fencing components, old boards may have lead structured paint and pressure treated wooden has some nasty stuff in it. Use a respirator and collect almost all sawdust for safe disposal. Now for the fun stuff…

Rule one Recycle, recycle, recycle. There is always someone, somewhere tearing out there an old fence and they want to get reduce the wood. Search out Craigslist and start collecting materials. Most aged fences rot along the tops plus bottoms and there is plenty of salvageable wood in the middle. Most old 6′ fences can still be cut down in to 4 or 5 foot lengths of good salvageable wood. Most fence posts just rot out at the bottom where earning ground contact or the tops exactly where they are exposed to rain, you can nevertheless get about 5′ of salvageable wood out of a tall wall posts. Pro Tip – many cities sell their old planks stop sign posts, these are generally quite tall and make excellent fence posts for privacy fencing, these sell as salvage within my city for only $1 every!

Rule 2have a general idea of your fence design but actually let your materials dictate the ultimate product. HERE is an example of a wall I built using half reused materials and half new. I supplemented my recycled wood along with new cedar and came up with the design using what I experienced on hand.

Rule 3 even when purchasing new material do the math plus figure out how to stretch your dollars. If you require 3′ boards it is often times less expensive to buy 6′ boards and reduce them in half. Stretch your utilization of materials as far as you can.

Rule four Think outside the box. For example I had some shorter fence content but I needed to make them tall for a privacy fence. I wound up strapping 2×4’s to the outsides associated with my posts to make them tall. It looked a little funny till I got the idea to make the hole into built in lanterns. HERE is a day time view and HERE is a better night time view. Again, this is all recycled/scrap metal combined with some very cheap panorama lights.

Rule 5 stain is the friend. HERE is an example of a wall made from many different recycled fence waste that were many different shades and shades. A few coats of spot and it looks like a very ‘normal’ wall. Look at big box shops for discount mis-matched fence spot that can be purchased at a deep low cost, you can even mix a few of these together plus come up with your own unique color supposing they are the same type of base spot. (don’t mix oil and polymer-bonded, duh! )

We are a style build team that leans greatly on recycled materials here region a few bonus shots gate through scrap metal, we didn’t get this to but its a good example of how to stretch your own fence height, as is THIS here is a good example of a minimal use of components to save money.

Using these tips a person can change a fence work from a couple thousand dollar task to being a couple hundred buck project or less. Embrace your own scrappy side!

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