How To Stop Your Dog From Jumping The Fence

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real estate home house picket fence estate agent residential propertySome dogs are great escape artists plus know exactly what to do to make that will jump or escape over your own fence. Experts tell us this is known as “self-rewarding behavior,” and is much the same as a doggie stealing a piece of food from the desk: action = reward! So so what can you do to stop your dog from bouncing the fence,

Read on to discover some helpful tips and information on methods to keep your dog from escaping.

Tip # 1 – The Canine Companion

These tips are usually things you can do for your canine companion that will assist with fence-jumping and escaping.

Spay and Neuter. Unaltered dogs may want to leave the yard, because the drive to procreate is solid. Spay or neuter your dog to help keep the urge for wandering at bay.
Burn Off Excess Energy. Bored canines are more likely to seek mental and actual physical stimulation outside of their home range. Taking your dog for long walks or even runs, playing fetch or heading hiking are all great ways to burn your dog’s excess energy
Obedience Training. Work on your dog’s compliance skills, with commands like are available, stay and drop. Also, make sure he understands the word “no.”

Tip # 2 – Control Your Dog’s Yard Environment

There are usually ways to make your dog more relaxed plus eager to stay in her own yard. These include:

Make It Enticing in order to Stay. Provide your canine with every thing she needs on her own aspect of the fence: water, food, playthings, and a comfy spot to rest.
Block Out Stimulus. If do you know what is enticing your dog to escape, stop it out. This may include creating a higher fence or putting up the “blind” so your dog cannot find it.
Move the Stimulus. If your puppy is being bugged by the mail-carrier, shift your mailbox to another area exactly where your dog doesn’t see it.
Build the Separate Pen. Set up another run or pen for your doggy to be outside in. These could be made as a DIY project or perhaps supplied in a kit. Just make sure not to leave your dog in it regarding too long.

Tip # 3 : Do Some Repairs/Renovations

Some meters are just easier to escape from compared to others. These tips will help you discover, repair, or renovate those easy-access points.

Wireless Dog Fence. This is a good way to keep your dog inside its boundaries without having an actual hurdle. Wireless dog fence units pre-loaded with a censored dog collar that may emit a tone or a stationary reminder when it approaches the limitations of the yard.
Block Those Holes. If there are any places or holes in your fence, repair them. This also includes the peek-holes your dog may be using to view the stimulation.
Stop the Climber. Some canines can get a foothold in parts of the fence. Stop this coming from happening by using chicken or aviary wire on the inside of the fence or perhaps on the ground at the bottom of the fence (dogs tend to hate the feel of this product). Another tip is to also use an obvious plastic sheeting. This looks much better and is too slippery to ascend.
Use Another Inside Barrier. Plant hedges or use a smaller fencing inside and out a couple of ft from your existing fence. This pauses the momentum most dogs must make a big jump.

Keep � ********************************************************************************************) Safe and Sound

Follow these helpful tips to help stop your pet from jumping the fence. This will keep your dog safe and sound in your own backyard and he will be healthier and joyful for your efforts. You will also possess peace of mind every time you let your dog outside.


“How to Stop Your Dog From Jumping the Fence”

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