How to Set a Fence Post. FAST!

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Speaker 1: So there you go, post in the ground as solid as a rock. [background noise] S1: [laughter] That was unexpected. [music] S1: Man! The light is [00:24] ____. Good day knuckleheads, Uncle Knacker’s here and welcome to Video 10, the final in my series title ‘My Top Ten DIY Tips’ and today we’re looking at how to concrete in a post. Now that post can be a fence post, a letterbox post or even a basketball ring, it doesn’t really matter. And we’re using quick set concrete which is a quick drying concrete, also known as Rapid Set or Quikrete, different names, different countries, different brands.

Anyway, lets stop mucking around, and put this post in. The first step is to dig your hole and the general rule of thumb is that the depth of your hole should be about one third of the height of the post above the ground. So this post here is 1500 millimetres so the depth of the hole is 500 millimetres. And if you got sandy soil it’s good to go an extra 100 millimetres or 4 inches and fill that full of gravel ’cause that adds a good bit of drainage for the bottom of the post.

S1: Let’s get this show on the road. The hole has been dug, we’re throwing our gravel, 100 millimetres of gravel. Well then, now put our post in. Now before I concrete that post in, I like to get it nice and straight, nice and plum in both directions. And I do that by using a couple of old sticks of timber and a couple of clamps. I’ll show you how to do that right now. So hey, get this post plumb, get your scrap pieces of timber and attach them to either side of this post using clamps.

Now I use clamps you can use screws, you can screw ’em on or you can nail ’em on. But clamps are good because they are removed quite easily. Now grab your spirit level and put it on both faces of the post until you get it nice and plumb. And you get a plum by manoeuvring these braces backwards and forwards.

And once you get this post nice and straight, it’s time for concrete. S1: Now today I’m using a quick set concrete which is ideal for setting posts. Just a quick note, it’s always a good idea whenever using concrete mix to wear a mask and gloves. The first thing you do is just grab some water and just flush it around the hole, just to make sure the post is wet and the sides of the hole are wet. Next thing you do is pour the required amount of water as stated on the back of the packet into the hole in this case it was two-and-a-half litres. Now what you do is grab your quick set and pour it straight in, no mixing, around the place. [background noises] S1: Fill in the hole like that. And make sure you just wash any dry mix off the side of your post.

Done. And it’s a good idea before the concrete starts to set that you re-plumb your post if necessary and then you can backfill the hole. [background noises] S1: So there you go… How to concrete in a post. How easy was that? Great tip knackers! And keep those braces on for about 20 minutes, until that concrete hardens up, and don’t hang anything off that post or work on that post for about four hours. S1: So there you go Video 10 done, the final, finito, all finished. Thanks a lot for watching and as per usual, if you found this video useful please subscribe to my channel, the button’s down there and thumbs up, the button’s down there, share and comment; it will be all greatly appreciated. Whoop! And don’t forget to check out my new Facebook page, DIY for Knuckleheads. It’s a ripper. Anyway I’m out of here, see you..

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