How to install a fence post without concrete or spikes

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I’m Andrew from SteadyPost. In this video I’m going to show you how easy it is for you to install a fence post using these new FenceFins from SteadyPost You only need a few simple tools, not much more than a spade, a hammer, a tape measure and a pen. You’ll also need a stick or something similar to compact the soil. Also it’s a good idea to wear gloves when working. Let’s first attach the FenceFins to the post. First things first, I’ve put a center line down here, like this, that just makes life a bit easier. And I’ve made a mark here to show where the top of the FenceFin is going. I’m just taking care to make sure the fin is aligned centrally down the post using the centre line. Having got the first fin tacked in place we then add the second fin like this.

Simply turn the post over and do the other side. Next you need to dig a hole to suit your post. You can use an ordinary spade but I’m using this narrow spade and this post hole digging tool for convenience once the hole is dug just cut a couple of “ears” to clear the fins. Like this. once the “ears” are finished the fence post is ready to go in the hole. It’s a great idea to use some gravel in the base of the hole. Gravel or a similar hardcore material like this. Just throw a couple of handfuls into the hole this is a great idea because it gives the fence post a firm base to sit on and it also allows the base of the fence post to breathe and drain.

Let’s try the post in the hole That’s excellent. You can actually use the post to compact the gravel like this. With the post in the correct position you can now start to replace the soil To make sure the base of the post is held rigidly straightaway you can add a bit more gravel or similar hardcore material to the base of the post like this. Make sure you compact the soil a bit at a time as you go. To help the soil compact you can add a little water like this The compaction process is essential if you don’t compact the soil properly your post won’t be held rigidly.

Once you fill the hole with the soil you can then you use your weight to further pack the soil down. You could also use a lump hammer to further compact the soil the fence post should be held pretty rigidly straight away like this one is the soil will naturally self-compact further over time increasing the rigidity of the post as you can see installing a fence post using SteadyPost FenceFins is really simple – try using them for your next fence installation I don’t think you’ll want to go back to the old methods. You can find out more at the website will also tell you if there’s a stockist near you.

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