How To Build A Wood Fence

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Building a wooden fence can be a fun and rewarding task. In addition to providing value to your house it increases your security plus privacy. You' ll find it' s not a difficult job and am will show you the easy method of building your own fence.

Materials Needed:

Treatment conservative


4×4 posts 8 feet long.

2×4 for railing within either 8 or 16 ft in length

1×6 or 1×8 fence boards (your preference)

3 1/2 " galvanized fingernails

2 1/2 " smooth head galvanized nails

Hardware for gate (hinges and latch)

Before you get started you have to first figure out your fence range. This will help you calculate the components needed to build your fence. When identifying your fence line the best thing to accomplish is talk to your neighbors. If you' re in disgrace you can search for the property survey marks or in case all else fails have your property selected. It' s best to keep the whole fence on your property. Once you understand the fence line mark this with a string line. Using levels hammered into the ground run the queue 2 feet past each finish of the fence line. Secure the particular string tightly to the stakes.

Next you need to treat your posts by using the manufacturers recommendations. I would suggest treatment a minimum of 8 inches above ground level. You can also purchase posts that are used from your lumber store if you wish.

Measure your post holes 7 feet apart. I would not suggest any further apart as through period your fence may sag or even lean. Dig the holes regarding 28 inches deep. Make certain all posts are of equivalent distance apart. It' s the time to prepare your concrete for establishing the posts. Mix your cement with 1 part cement, two parts sand and 3 components gravel. Add water and combine to a thick consistency but simultaneously wet enough to pour completely around the posts. Fill each gap 6 inches deep. Now it' s time to place the posts in most hole. Use a level to make sure every post is plumb and hardly touching the string. Finish filling up each hole to about two inches below ground level. Double check out each post making sure it' t plumb.

After the articles have set it' s time for you to add the railroads. Make certain to set the bottom rail 8 in . above ground and be careful to get both ends the same height from your ground. Fasten the top rails simply by measuring from the bottom rail to the desired position. Finally attach the center rail central between the bottom plus top rails.

Before a person nail the boards to the railings you might want to consider staining or piece of art them first as it is easier compared to doing this after they' ve already been fastened. If you decide to go this particular route you should also stain or color the posts and rails just before attaching the boards. Using the spacer to maintain equal gaps you can start nailing the boards to the bed rails, using 2 of the 2 1/2 inch nails hammered on every rail. Use a level to make sure the particular boards are vertically plumb.

Now that your fence is up you most likely want a gate. First you need to figure out the size of the gate. I would recommend the gate no less than 3 feet broad. You should build a frame with all the 2×4' s overlapping and connect a middle rail for durability plus strength. To allow room for that hinges and latch make sure the door frame is built allowing 1 in . narrower between the gate posts. Next attach the fence boards and lastly install the hinges and latch.

That' s all there is certainly to it. Now it' s time for you to take a break and enjoy the beautiful wall you' ve just built.

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