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So here we are again building a fence, and we’ve got some post brackets down here, that are set in concrete. We’ve got a piece of rebar on the bottom of them. And there’s another one over here, this one’s set in concrete, but it’s also got an epoxy bracket on it, epoxy filled, so that it holds in. And here we’re starting with pickets. Notice we’ve got our line here. In a line that long, you kind of want to raise it about a half an inch in the middle. Here’s Roland, marking the angle cuts for the pickets. With a custom made jig no less.

Yeah. You can buy one of these on our website. That’s right. Roland’s going to sell it to you for $1.25. That’s right. Anyway, we, it’s easier to put them on and mark them than it is to try and cut them, and then cut all these lengths. So, I’m just going to go through with my jig saw now, and cut these. So, building a fence. It’s not that hard, not that easy. I will never again in my life underestimate the importance of a sharp blade in a saw.

That’s right. So what we’ve done here is we’ve nailed our boards on, and marked them all with a little gauge that we had. And as we go along, it’s much easier to cut these to a line, than it is to pre-cut, than it is. If you pre-cut that, you’ll be here all week. But, you can see our fence is sort of up and down, that’s fine. We marked it with a line. Very good tip. Ah, somebody got smart. What’s that? Somebody got smart. That’s right man. That’s easier on the back, eh? Oh, especially the knees. Yeah. The knees man. Okay, this is going on a carpenter hints and tips program. Ha ha ha!

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