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File:Garden Gate.JPGDevelopment Review: Vacation Rental 801 E North St.
Development Review – Vacation Rental at 420 S Meridian St.
Development Review: Hazelwood Farm Subdivision
Development Review: Two-lot Partition at 1202 E Eighth Street
Development Review: Dayton Avenue Wastewater Lift Station
Development Review: Accessory Dwelling Unit at 1019 S. Willamette Street
Development evaluate: Grace Baptist Church addition & code adjustment to scale back entrance setback
Development Review: Panda Express Design Review
Development Review: Newberg Dodge addition design evaluate
Development Review: Telecommunications Antennas/Steeple at 530 E Edgewood Dr
2014 Stormwater Master Plan
Annexation – North Valley – ANX-16-001
CPTA-15-002 – ODOT TSP Amendments – Bypass Related
CPTA-17-001 Water System Master Plan
Development Review: 800 E. Second Street residences with parking variance request and imaginative and prescient clearance code adjustment request
Development Review: A Storage Place Hancock – self-storage constructing
Development Review: GFU Indoor Tennis Facility – 1015 E. Crestview Drive
Development Review: Partition one lot into two tons – 2901 E. Ninth Street
Development evaluate: Cell tower at 500 E. Illinois Street – fake tree antenna construction
Development evaluate: Chehalem Pointe Apartments – Design Review Application
Development evaluate: Columbia Estates subdivision
Development evaluate: Graveled out of doors storage yard. Tax lot 3221-1702
Development evaluate: Nova Grace subdivision preliminary plan & variance to constructing top. SUB3-16-001/VAR-16-001
Development evaluate: Oregon Clinic – ambulatory surgical procedure middle design evaluate
Development evaluate: Partition – 1003 N. College Street. PAR-16-001
Development evaluate: Student Activity Center – George Fox University
Development evaluate: Two-lot partition at 1305 Newall Road. File no. PAR17-0007
Development evaluate: Variance to Lot Coverage for Gracie’s Landing subdivision. File no. VAR-17-002
Gracie’s Landing Subdivision
Historic Review: Recipe Restaurant – 115 N. Washington St. – rework and addition
Martell Commons: Comprehensive Plan Map Amendment/Zoning Map Amendment from LDR/R-1 to HDR/R-Three
Newberg 2030
Newberg Downtown Improvement PlanMetropolis Council/Planning Commission joint workshop – Newberg Downtown Improvement Plan

Street seat pilot program
Transportation System Plan 2016
Affordable Housing Planning
Downtown Bike Rack Cost Share Program
Future Planning

DocumentsAd Hoc Committee on Newberg’s Future Report
Development Code
Development Reports
Election Sign Info
Fence & Vision Clearance
Garage Sale Sign FAQs
Historic Resources
Stream Corridor Plant List
Street Tree List
Urban Area Agreement
Zoning Standards Matrix

FAQsDo I Need A Building Permit,
Do I Need A Permit For My Home Business,
Do I want a allow to take away or prune a tree,
How Many Election Signs Can I Put In My Yard,
How Tall Can I Build My Fence,
What Is The Zoning And Minimum Lot Size,
What’s the Status of the Newberg Dundee Bypass,
Where Can I Put Garage Sale Signs,
What do I must learn about meals associated enterprise actions,

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