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So, here’s a garden gate. We built the fence and then had to, of course replace a gate. So the first thing we needed to do was put in some solid posts, and we put them in concrete, and a good thing about a gate, many times, is gates tend to want to collapse into themselves. So what we did was we put a spreader across the top of this. We left the posts long, and put that piece across the top. And when we were hanging the gate, we were using tools like this, as a measurement, and then we put the spreader on, and it was able to keep the gate properly spaced. Also, this is a very good way of building a gate here with this simple little, it’s called the Simpson Strong Tie, and it’s four corners like that, and it really makes a professional idea if you use something like that, because you don’t need much more once you’ve used that. Let me show you, on the other side here, because I got some really nice hardware. It’s very nice, its good to use some stainless steel. This is well worth the money because the old type of gate latches are not lasting long.

And this is a good type of latch to get if you have a little soil movement because it’ll take up a little bit of slack and you don’t have to adjust the gate every time that something moves a little bit. Also, the hinges were stainless, and they will last for many years without discoloring. So, here we are, the garden gate with a header over top. The header just serves to keep it all sturdy and so the gate doesn’t collapse in on itself.

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