DIY: How to build a pergola

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Mitzi: Hi. I’m Mitzi Beach, founder of BoomerSmarts and My goal is to share with you tons of relevant resources to enable you to live the vibrant and chic life after 50 and beyond. So for more great tips, visit my website and sign up. You will be so glad you did. Hi. I’m Mitzi and I’m with Bob, and we are talking about finishing up our backyard project at Cypress, another DIY, do it yourself. And Bob’s going to explain what the pergola entailed to get this far and a little bit about what he’s going to do next. So Bob, can you tell us how you did this, in like cliffs notes version? Bob: Sure. First thing we had to do was locate these 4 by 6 support posts, and there’s 4 of them here. And these are in line directly with the edge of the house, so they’re lined up across here.

The second thing we did… And when we put them in the ground, of course we cemented them. And the second thing we did is mounted these 2 by 6 boards across here, these beams to support the top pergola pieces. Of course, when you do something, a project like this, it’s smart if you can to use normal wood lengths. So, when we spaced up the pieces up above, on a sunny day, we laid them out on the driveway, and we decided that 24 inch centers were too far apart, even 18 inch centers. So we went with 12 inch centers on these boards, and I bought 12 foot 2 by 8 boards for the top. And that means a 12 foot cut in half is a 6 foot piece, so we had no waste.

And that’s real key to this kind of project. The next thing we have to do is we’re going to take some of this dirt out, we’re going to put it in some gravel base, some sand. And then we’re going to put in free-laid bricks, like we did on the walkway; you may have seen in an earlier video. And that will have a slight slope away from here, so water will drain away from the house, and will be right out to this front edge here with free-laid brick down here. Mitzi: Then, when all of this is done and next spring, when we show this to you, we’re going to be planting wisteria and climbing, morning glories or whatever, we haven’t quite decided. So this will be a lovely area and we’re all about sanctuary spaces and places to unwind and outdoor living spaces are key to the 50+ Boomers.

We want and crave outdoor living. So, Bob is doing a great job. We’re excited, we’re grateful. And until the next time – be BoomerSmart. If you like what you’re seeing on these videos, be sure to visit to receive even more valuable resources and sign up for my weekly tips, posts and videos. Thanks for watching and see you next time!.

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Here’s even more detail on building pergolas

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