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Cedar fence privacy day today we’re going to cover my fans I really should have recorded this from the beginning cedar fence cedar fence privacy school and I started building the thing I’m sure there’s a lot of the four cedar fence they would be interested in this amid do a quick overview cedar fence cedar fence privacy a per se I guess is I want to thank the last 50 years so I cedar fence bill by Posada pressure-treated there’s a lotta conflicting cedar fence information on how to put these pollution the ground these things are cedar fence cedar fence privacy actually in the ground three-feet at the bottom of the hole I put a nice gravel bed cedar fence some of the post and since then cedar fence cedar fence a with the murder and put straight accidents the concrete ski is about a foot cedar fence under the surface here that way I can get some drainage cedar fence and then there’s a foot of concrete and then there’s a further dirt and gravel the idea here is cedar fence that any water that were to go down in between the pollen the concrete cedar fence wouldn’t get stuck this wouldn’t be sitting in a bowl water cedar fence he would actually go through the gravel this person to grab with this here is this is like how all weather guard that you use for your roofing cedar fence it’s a up self-adhesive cedar fence strip the goes around the idea there is your micro organisms that Rockwood almost all of them live in the first a cedar fence four to six inches at the soil so if I can protect the wood from contact with cedar fence those guys cedar fence I got a lot better chance to this poll lasting cedar fence does a lot longer I my basic design is a board on board but i wanna the fence it cedar fence looked good from all sides snow I didn’t wanna have a cedar fence the frame on one side not the other so what I ended up doing is either one by force on each side but they’re minor dan cedar fence I had no connection policies actually are mitre 10 cedar fence and two-inches’ honey China the my boredom board comes up and over the top i begin Avalon by four that bottom one cedar fence this guy is actually pressure tree cuz he so close to the ground cedar fence its ground contact pressure treated so nothing on these polls cedar fence the bottom of the polls are resealed Smith a ground contexts a cedar fence would protect just in case cuz there’s gonna be moisture and everything else down there cedar fence all right near the top I wasn’t sure if to these one buys cedar fence would give me enough support so what I did here this is the one by six caps it’s been my dirt underneath cedar fence it has a nice rounded edge to stop water from coming in cedar fence but this is also pox eat together this entire thing functions cedar fence like a huge I B I can cedar fence sit on this I can jump on it it doesn’t cedar fence move and these are screwed down as well what I did was I countersink the holes cedar fence use stainless steel three-inch crews cedar fence I pre drilled them so I wouldn’t split these guys there ran down n and then above would plug on top but cedar fence glued and then shaved off the idea that water will be going down next to my cedar fence screw cedar fence down into my cedar here rotting in it seems to cedar fence with worked wonders a all my connecting screws sandwiches together all stainless their stainless steel Penn males cedar fence driven through here there you go in at a 45 degree angle cedar fence once again the idea water comes down nothing’s gonna follow the cedar fence in debt up the nail into the media the wooden rod I’m these caps cedar fence but there is store-bought a 15 bucks thanks and I the Robert groove in to put this nice decorative molding cedar fence

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