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So, we’re just finishing up this side of a good neighbour fence. A good neighbour means that there is pickets on both sides, so that everybody experiences the value of the fence, and nobody gets a preference as to having all the pickets on their side. This particular fence, set in, four by four treated set in concrete. I just have to trim the tops of the posts off now, to equal length, and put new caps on. Or put caps on. There is one post we left in from before. A little gate through the side, and I’ll show you how the good neighbour fence works. You put a row of pickets on one side, leaving a little bigger gap. There’s one going into the bushes there, now.

And then on this side, you add the other ones to close the gap. And it makes for a good… It’s also important not to stop the water on the bottoms, so the water can flow through and the air can flow through. That’s one of the faults of the post, you know, the pre-fab panels is they all trap water in the bottom, and that leaves a rotting spot. This is a very strong fence because it has a T on the top, which means one two by four is up, and the other one is across flat. And you put the crowns up on the two by four, like this, so that the strength supports the weight of that fence. Also, the bottom is up and down, with a three and a half inch up and down, and that is about triple the strength of a flat running board. So, that’s our good neighbour fence.

It makes… Usually done when people are sharing the cost of the fence, and each want to benefit the most they can from it without driving the price through the roof. Closed Captioning by Kris Brandhagen.

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