Build A Fence That Will Last! (Wooden Fence With Metal Posts)

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How to make a Sturdy Fence. Ok so today we are going to show you how to build a nice fence. So we already have the first step done. We came out here a week ago and we dug the holes and cemented them in. So we used a post hole digger and we dug the holes two feet deep. And then we filled them with cement. And we did that all down the line. Also I want to mention that we used a string and the string goes all down the line. And that makes sure that your posts are all in a straight line.

And you want to move the string a few inches back so that you don’t break it when you dig it. Also you want to place a level on two sides of the pole to make sure it is straight. Ok so the next step we are going to do is put on some brackets. The neighbor was nice and let us use his fence post to be the corner of our fence post. What we are to do is put on these brackets so that we have two at the bottom. These are to hold what is called the kicker board. This is going to be the bottom which gives the fence a pretty look and makes it tough at the bottom. So we have two brackets for that and as we move up.

We have one, two, and three. So three brackets. You see the neighbors have two brackets there. But what happens is over time the boards warp if you don’t have a cross beam in the middle. So we are going to use that middle bracket to keep that from warping. You are going to go and measure out all the brackets. And put those brackets on each fence post. We are going to have the inside of the brackets inside our yard. If you want the cross beams to be outside of your yard, you would flip this around so that the flat part here would be on this side.

So it just depends on how you want the fence. I like the beams on the inside to discourage neighbor kids from climbing the fence as it will just be a flat board on the outside so nothing to really climb on. Some people like the pretty side to be on the inside. So now you can see what it looks like with the kicker board in place. You end up with four bolts. So you see what it looks like on the inside. And if you plan it right then the kicker boards will meet there. And this is what it looks like on the inside.

Now we have a panel completed. So what we will do is take these boards and place them level and then screw them in.We put in two screws for each panel, two screws each time it meets the brace. Ok so we are at the last board. It wouldn’t quite fit so we had to cut about an inch off. And then I cut another angle otherwise it would have been square and I cut a little too much so be careful that you try to match it. Anyways it is he last one so nobody will really see it. Then I am going to squeeze that in there. And put the last few screws in. And the last screw, here goes! Wooh! Now look at the fence we made.

Thanks! “Therefore everyone who reads these words of mine and puts them in to practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.”.

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