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The dogs think that the new ramp is great for playing onI’m undecided what the climate is like in your neck of the woods, nevertheless it acquired as much as 108° right here in Austin in the present day, the 49th straight day over 100°. Having to tempo myself on this warmth is making my progress on the “Court”-yard Garden mission just a little slower than anticipated.

I acquired a very good begin on constructing the raised beds by getting seven of them carried out. I’m utilizing the identical method to construct them that I detailed in an article I posted in April titled Raised Bed Gardening.

I additionally acquired a very good begin on constructing the cedar 2×four and cattle panel fence and trellis sections. I spent just a little further time growing the methods and processes for constructing these in a modular trend whereas minimizing waste of my uncooked supplies. Here is a take a look at the mission as of in the present day.

The construction, and technique of constructing each a 36” excessive fence part, and a 6’ excessive trellis is identical.

What You Need
– 2” x four” x eight’ cedar boards
– 50” x 16’ cattle panel fence sections
– Galvanized metal deck hanger brackets
– Table noticed
– Bolt cutter
– Hammer
– Level
– Nails
– Deck screws

Determine the Desired Size
Determine the specified outdoors dimensions of the fence part to be constructed. I left 36” between every row of raised beds, and I wished every fence part to be 36” excessive, with the underside being 5 ½” off the bottom. That resulted in every fence part between raised beds having an out of doors dimension of 36” lengthy by 30 ½” tall. Each trellis was 6’ tall by four’ vast.

Design Considerations
I made a decision to make use of the 2x4s on edge, with the broader facet of every board being vertical. One of essentially the most time consuming elements of the construct was my determination to make use of the desk noticed to chop a 1” deep by ¼” vast groove on the within edge of every 2×four into which the cattle panel fence piece would seat. You might all the time simply use staples to nail the cattle panel fence part onto the two×four items, however I actually favored the extra completed look of my technique.

I additionally used galvanized metal deck hanger brackets to assist every horizontal 2×four. You might simply toe-nail the horizontal piece to the vertical piece, however once more, I favored the look of the bracket when used together with the galvanized metal cattle panel fence.

Here’s a take a look at a accomplished fence part:

Measure Twice, Cut Once
Cut two vertical helps to the specified peak, 6’ for a trellis, and three’ for a fence part. As the horizontal items will probably be mounted on the within of the vertical helps, subtract 7 ¼”, the width of two 2x4s, from the entire outdoors vast of the part to be constructed. For a trellis that will probably be 48″ vast, that leads to a horizontal piece that must be reduce to 40 ¾”. The horizontal fence items will probably be 36” lengthy.

Cut the Groove and Assemble
Use the desk noticed to chop the groove into which the cattle panel fence part will seat. Nail the deck hangers to the vertical helps on the desired peak. Use deck screws to mount the vertical items to the skin of a raised mattress being positive to examine for plumb and degree.

Use the bolt cutters to chop a chunk of the cattle panel fence that may match within the grooves reduce within the 2x4s and insert the piece into the grooves. Finally, match the horizontal piece into the deck hanger whereas becoming the cattle panel fence part into the groove within the horizontal piece, examine for degree, and nail into place.

Get Creative
This modular technique can be utilized in lots of purposes. Make fence sections that may be mounted to four×four posts set into the bottom for a sexy fence. Combine two vertical trellis sections with a smaller fence part mounted throughout the highest and between the 2 for an arbor.

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