Affordable Yard Fencing Ideas

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Fencing a yard can run into lots of money. You have to decide what is the ultimate goal of the fence? Is it privacy, a pet barrier or just to lie out your property line, there are many styles to choose from. Having the fence installed can be just about as much as the cost of the fence. Do the work yourself. Affordable yard fencing can be found. Vinyl fence is a good option where privacy is your objective.

They come in different size strips and the color strips woven into patterns. You have lots of options here and you can catch the fencing on sale at home improvement stores or garden centers. Another affordable yard fencing is fence made of cedar poles. The poles are made of rough-hewn cedar and you pace them about 3-1/2 to 4 feet and you can tie barbed wire near the bottom and at the top. It is not a pretty fencing option but it is affordable and sets the goal of property mark off and good for tracks of land that are big. Good basic option is chain link fencing. It is very common, very functional; they don’t rust if you use aluminum or steel poles of galvanized steel. The fencing is bolted into place. You don’t restrict your view, it keeps the children and pets in, and is the most common fencing option today.

If you like to have a green look, plant hedges. They don’t have to be all green either. Azalea plants, hibiscus, and other 4-5 ft. bushes planted close together will serve the purpose of a barrier between the next property and keep small animals in and other critters from getting in. It will take a few years to get to the optimum solution but your end result will be worth it. How about a living fence in affordable yard fencing? Try bamboo fencing. You can hit really great sales and it comes 3ft to 8 ft. It gives you a tropical feeling, is environment safe with a renewable natural resource.

The fence takes an electric drill, hammer, tape measure, level and wood screws to install. Those tools you have at home..

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